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My Little Pony

Kristen Berry

I’ve never had the kind of luxurious locks that reach halfway down my back. But up until my early twenties, I consistently maintained the same, just beyond shoulder-length hairstyle. No cut, no color, just regular relaxers and semi-consistent trims.

In my early twenties, I took a calculated risk and added bangs. I got addicted to the change those shiny scissors could bring, and got tired of the same old length, and decided to make an even bigger cut. I mean, my hair had always been a decent length. Surely it would grow back. Right?

So I chopped it again. And again. 

But it’s never grown fully back, no matter how hard I’ve tried. And now, in addition to struggling with weak ends, I’m also currently dealing with some breakage around my edges. Once I’ve found a solid solution, I’ll report back. In the meantime, I recently decided to dip a toe into the hair extensions pool.

I purchased this ponytail from Irresistible Me during a recent online sale (which they seem to have frequently!), but the regular price is also quite reasonable ($139 for the 18” length I purchased – also available in 14”, 16”, 20” and 22”). I went with the Natural Black color, which is a deep dark brown with golden undertones, closest to my own hair color.

The hair is super soft and silky, is incredibly easy to install, and simple to style. It is comprised of a single piece, with a comb and a ribbon attached, which you can tie into a bow or elect to hide. I put my own hair into a semi-high pony, installed the extension by slipping the comb just above the base of mine, wrapped the ribbon around the base, tied it securely multiple times, and hid the ends of the ribbon with bobby pins. I wrapped a section of hair around the base, and also secured it with pins. Before I installed the extension, I curled the ends a bit with a wand to give it a bit of movement.

It’s such a quick and easy way of changing up my look, and does so without causing damage to my own delicate hair.

Do you use extensions to add variety to your look, too?