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Saturday at the Bates Motel

Kristen Berry

The latest stop on my ongoing tour of Los Angeles art installations/Instagram backdrop fodder was “The Bates Motel.” No, it’s not the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” – it’s the equally creepy abandoned Sunset Pacific Motel, which was entirely whitewashed by artist Vincent Lamouroux last spring, reinvented as a project called "Projection.” Entirely whitewashed – palm trees, billboard and all (read more about it here).

Photo:  Timothy Norris .

I liked the contrast between the stark, post-apocalyptic bleakness of the former hotel and the cheerful, floral femininity of this dress by Darling London.

The denim jacket adds a slightly casual vibe, and the hat – in addition to keeping that LA sun out of my face – plays into the throwback style of the dress.

There was no way that I could wait til spring to wear this look.

  • Dress: Darling London, $61 at
  • Jacket: H&M. No longer available.
  • Hat: BP for Nordstrom. No longer available.
  • Sandals: Michael by Michael Kors. No longer available.