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Kristen Berry

Fashion inspiration can come from some pretty unexpected places. The other night I re-watched “To Catch a Thief,” looking to catch a bit of old Hollywood glamour inspo from Grace Kelly. Yet while Grace was serving glamour in spades, the look that especially struck me was Cary Grant’s, during his first scene in the film.

I fell in love with the pop of color of the foulard neckerchief he wore, peeking from beneath his striped pullover (it’s said that Grant was self-conscious about his muscular neck, and often worked items into his wardrobe to conceal it. Who knew?!).

I decided to adopt this look with a scarf of my own, layering a paisley-print scarf beneath a gray cutaway sweater. I rather liked the way it looked peeking from beneath the hem of my sweater as well. To enhance the fluted appearance of the ends, I actually used small hair rubberbands right at the edge of the sweater’s hem to create a bell-like effect.

Layering is one of the quickest ways to add new life to the existing items in your wardrobe, but it isn’t necessarily the easiest. The best way to find a winning combination is to spend a few minutes playing around in your closet. And maybe watch a classic movie or two.

  • Sweater: Zara. No longer available, but similar can be found here and here for under $125.
  • Scarf: Uniqlo, no longer available.
  • Leggings: Uniqlo. No longer available, but similar color/cut can be found here for $25.
  • Watch: JORD, $275 at