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Prints at the Palace

Kristen Berry

San Francisco is a beautiful and eclectic city full of beautiful and eclectic places. The Palace of Fine Arts is just one of them. As part of the resurrection that followed the 1906 earthquake and fire that devastated the city, San Francisco lobbied to host the world’s fair, an event to commemorate the Panama Canal’s completion, held in 1915. The Palace of Fine Arts was one of the numerous structures assembled for the exhibition.

The Palace now serves as a popular setting for weddings, tourist visits, and, well, spontaneous photo shoots such as this one, which took place last weekend.

I love the artsy print of this Mossimo by Target dress -- I felt it was worthy of a backdrop as grand as the Palace. I decided to embrace the boldness of the print by pairing the dress with this fiery Mossimo by Target blazer. However, those looking for a more toned-down look can also match a dress of this sort with a neutral topper, such as something in tan, gray, or -- if you must -- black.

  • Dress: Mossimo by Target, $28 at
  • Blazer: Mossimo by Target. No longer available, but similar can be found here and here for under $45.
  • Sandals: Gap. No longer available, but similar can be found here and here for under $70.

- Kristen