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Hot Workout Outfits Under $50

Kristen Berry

I love the look of fancy Lululemon workout garb. But I can’t wrap my mind around forking over more than I’d typically spend on a cute dress for something that I’ll simply sweat in.

Luckily, several of the same stores that I scour for everyday clothes at great prices are also awesome sources for fashionable, functional, wallet-friendly workout wear -- including stores like Nordstrom Rack (which now has anonline store!) for scoring big-name brands like Puma at extra-palatable prices. It’s also worth checking out stores/sites like Lucy and -- you can often find killer steals in their clearance sections.

In addition to looking great, these items also often sport many of the features you’d expect from higher-end brands, such as built-in sports bras, moisture-wicking fabrics, and tiny pockets for keys.

When it comes to pants, make sure you do a bend-over test in the dressing room for opaqueness. As we recently learned, this is a crucial test with fancy-pants brands like Lululemon as well. There’s nothing worse than worrying about a peek-a-boo scenario while trying to perfect your downward dog.

Here are three hot workout outfits under $50 to get you started, whether your mission is to look as fly as the ladies in your Soulcycle class, or to find shiny new inspiration to hit the gym.

Cardio Queen

Marathon Mama

  • H&M Patterned Sports Tights with Key Pocket, $30 at
  • Forever21 Basic Sport Top in Yellow, $13 at

Bikram Babe

- Kristen