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What to Wear on a First Date (Plus Five Summer Date Outfits Under $100)

Kristen Berry

Whether you’ve got a big date on the horizon or are in the initial phase of building out your OKCupid profile, chances are the outfit for that pivotal first date is on your mind. Not to fear -- Faux Fancy has three solid tips to help you look and feel your best on your date, as well as five perfect summer date outfit options under $100.

1. Be Yourself.

If you literally never wear dresses, or you gravitate toward bold outfits with a lot of personality, your first date is not the time to put on something drastically outside of your style. Not only will you feel uncomfortable in a look that’s just not you, you’ll also be starting your potential relationship from an inauthentic place. You don’t need to pretend to be anything but your fabulous self -- you’re worthy of being loved for you, just the way you are.

2. Flaunt Your Favorite Feature.

Do you love your arms? Like your hourglass figure? Have legs for days? Got an ass that won’t quit? Find a first date look that flaunts that feature. Just make sure to keep it classy -- if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, don’t wear something that screams one night stand.

3. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident.

No matter how much your friends or the salesperson oohed and ahhed over the ensemble you put on in the dressing room, if you know you’ll be tugging at the hemline or adjusting your cleavage all night, you’ll never be comfortable. Besides, you shouldn’t be wasting your date worrying about your outfit -- you should be focusing on whether the person across the table from you shares your values and interests, and how you feel around him or her. So be sure to put something on that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Not finding anything that fits that description in your closet? Here are five new date outfit options under $100.

Why It Works:

This dress is a perfect combination of sexy and classy, conservative enough to wear to work with a jacket or cardigan, and then run to a happy hour date minus the jacket/cardi. The wrap shape is flattering for nearly every body type -- accentuate your waist even further by adding a thin belt at the waist.

Why It Works:

A sexy jumpsuit provides a versatile go-to base layer for a multitude of date-night looks. The fitted top and belt at the waist give the illusion of two pieces, as well as provides definition of your figure. For a racier, low-cut number like this one, pair it with a slightly boxy cropped jacket to provide a bit of extra coverage. Not comfortable with the cleavage on this one? ASOS offers a number of jumpsuit options, here.

Why It Works:

The just-structured-enough tailoring of this dress is incredibly figure-flattering, and the light color combination will work just as well for day dates as dinner dates. Top it off with a jacket, and it will also play well in chillier months, too.

Why It Works:

Summertime day dates can pose a sartorial challenge. You want to look pretty and put-together, but not too formal. Depending on where you live, keeping cool can also be a problem. This breezy cut, with its tie-front waist and flowy skirt, will keep you comfortable and feeling beautiful. Not to mention eye-catching, thanks to the fetching print. Pair it with a denim jacket to combat any overzealous AC situations, or to add a bit of extra coverage.

Why It Works:

The faux-wrap styling and romantic plum color are both sexy and universally-flattering. And the longer sleeves will help if you’re aiming for a more conservative look, or if your arms aren’t your favorite feature. Push them up a bit to show a bit of your forearms, and pair them with a pair of killer heels to amp up the sex appeal.

Happy Dating!

- Kristen