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The (Second) Best Beauty Advice I Ever Got

Kristen Berry

At a young age I knew I liked makeup and all-things beauty. I used to sit on my mom's bed as she'd get ready for a date night with my dad, watching her apply lipstick, add blush and finish with a sprtiz of perfume. As soon as I was able to begin using makeup, I flocked to it. Years later, I actually starting applying my mom's makeup, which were special moments for us. However, it took until my late teens to begin experimenting with skin care and into my mid-twenties to get into a routine that would replish and nourish my skin.

My a-ha beauty moment came a few years ago and had nothing to do with blush. I realized I was asking my face wash to play a role it shouldn't: makeup remover. Face wash is designed to work with your skin, clearing pores, exfoliating and adding a brightness that gets dulled during the day. It is NOT meant to power through your makeup and ALSO wash your skin. You have to get rid of the makeup first to let it do it's job. Simple, yet mindblowing for this girl.

Since then, I have been trying various makeup removers and cleansers as my very first nightly skin care step. The results have been amazing. Not only does my skin look brighter, but I use less face wash which streches my dollar even farther. My current routine includes the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil ($28) and Make Up Forever SensEyes Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($24).

Don't be scared of using a cleansing oil - it doesn't add oil into your skin. Instead it uses oil to dissolve makeup and purify your skin. Plus the Boscia one has a nice cooling effect and smells lightly of mint. Also, if you're finding that you can't get your eye makeup completely off, try a specialized eye product to help you get all that lingering mascara. Feel free to start with makeup remover wipes as an all-over product (I like Neutrogena's which are only $5). Wipes are a cheaper option to start seeing a difference, just remember that you still need to wash your face.

Curious about the best beauty advice I ever got? Sunscreen. No excuses.