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Approachable inspiration for a stylish life. 


A New Chapter for Faux Fancy

Kristen Berry

Faux Fancy has always been about continuous evolution and self-discovery. From adjusting our wardrobes for a change in season, occasion or mood, to adapting our makeup routines to address current skin needs or aesthetic whims, to expanding our horizons through solo vacations, we are in a constant process of reevaluation and refinement. And now we’re turning that discerning eye toward Faux Fancy itself.

When MK and I first created Faux Fancy, we were both twenty-something girls working at the same PR agency. Now we’re both thirty-something women on the in-house communications teams of separate global companies.

We are embracing these shifts and our ongoing evolution, which extends to Faux Fancy. I have taken on the role of blogger-in-chief, leading our content. MK will pop in as a contributor from time to time, and her masterful handywork is still behind many of the photos you see on this site. We’re excited for these changes as we continue to explore our passions.

This also seemed a great time to give the site itself a makeover, with a clean and modern new look. It's also a perfect opportunity to share my commitment to deliver a new post you can look forward to every Tuesday – with some weeks featuring bonus additional posts. In this spirit of continual reinvention, if there is anything you’d like to see more of (or less of, for that matter) from Faux Fancy, just shout.

While some things have shifted, the mission behind Faux Fancy has always remained constant: to provide approachable inspiration for a stylish life. And that is something that will never change.

Thanks for all of your support and encouragement along the way, whether you have been a Faux Fancy fan from day one or simply stumbled across the site for the first time today. None of this would have been possible without all of you.

Kristen + MK