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How To: Perfecting the Blow Out

Kristen Berry

We love a good blow out, especially if we don't have to do it ourselves. The ultimate luxury is having an expert wash, dry and style your hair. Let's be honest, paying someone else can get expensive and it's just not feasible on a daily/weekly basis (although we love an indulgent day at drybar). 

Recreating a good blow out at home is much easier than you think. Betwen other bloggers, YouTube videos, testing products and observing my drybar stylist, I've been able to recreate the style at home, which my bank account loves. 

It starts with freshly washed hair. Greasy hair or even day-old hair is difficult to manipulate, slipping through the bristles and not responding to the pull/direction you want. Right now I'm loving Living Proof's Restore line, which you can find at Sephora. It gets my hair squeaky clean while adding hydration to my colored tresses.

Products are your best friend. Whether you're looking for volume, a soft wave or stick-straight strands, try out new products whenever you get the chance to find the right fit. Birchbox is a great way to sample something different, as is Sephora's travel-size mecca at the checkout line. I'm partial to two products right now: I use TRESemme 24-hour body foaming mousse (found at Target) when my hair is wet to add volume at my crown and the Ojon rare blend oil(from a recent Birchbox), which I apply after my hair is dry to add back a bit of moisture.

Work in sections. It allows you to be precise and take your time to make sure everything is smooth. I use clips to create four areas, which I then separate into two-inch handfuls that fit on my brush. Some people start at the front, but I prefer to start from the nape of my neck and leave the crown till the end.

Repetitiveness is key. If you've visited drybar for a blow out, you'll notice that they pull the hair through the brush using direct heat from the dryer at least three times per section. I also concentrate on the root to ensure a bit of lift and to maximize my volumizing product.

Finishing touches make it last. As you get better at the process, you can find little tricks to change up the end result. Sometimes, I pull the hair out in a twisting motion to get some curl in the strand, or I use a flat iron to get super sleek ends. Invest in a good dry sampoo to add texture and keep your strands straight for more than one day. I loveSuave Professionals keratin infusion dry shampoo - it's effective and super affordable (I usually pick up a can or two during a Target trip). Make parts all over your hair, spray at the roots from a 6 inch distance and then rub in the powder. Bonus: I toss my hair into a loose ponytail to sleep and then just touch up any areas in the morning - it makes getting ready a breeze.

And don't forget to practice! You'll be perfecting your own blow out in no time!