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Stay-All-Day Eyeshadow

Kristen Berry

Ever have a day where you expertly apply your eye makeup only to have it slide around and fade off by 5 p.m.? There are too many to count! I've finally figured out the perfect combination of products to stand the test of time. Now, from morning to night, my work is in place. I love these three quick steps to make sure my look lasts all day. 

  • First: Apply an eyeshadow primer. I love Lorac Behind the Scenes. I use a pea-sized amount, split across both lids, using the tip of my ring finger. Give it a few seconds to dry (I normally use this time to curl my lashes).
  • Second: Neutralize the base. I use the soft ochre paint pot from Mac. You can use a synthetic brush or the pads of your fingers to apply. Gently pat across your eyes - I go from lash line to eyebrows, with the product doing double-duty as a subtle highlight on my brow bone.
  • Third: Lock it all in with shadow. From my Lorac Pro palette, I pick up a bit of Peach on a flat brush and sweep it across my crease and mobile lid (any shade close to your skintone will do). This makes sure that any shadow I apply next glides seamlessly on and doesn't pull or over-deposit color.

This stay-all-day trio has been giving me a full day's wear of even the most subtle eye look and is perfect for powder or cream products. The layers don't feel heavy and a makeup wipe or any cleansing oil will take everything off. Three quick steps that are totally worth it for a lasting look.