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Biker Chic

Kristen Berry

I was recently asked to lend a hand at a work event with a seemingly simple dress code: all black everything. But when I looked in my closet that evening, nothing seemed right. The few all-black items I had weren’t work-appropriate, or too boring to wear to a fashion event.

I decided it was the perfect time to finally purchase an item that’s been noticeably missing from my closet forever, something that would pull my few black pieces together – a black leather jacket.

However, I only had one night to find the perfect item, and I had a budget to stick to. So, I headed to Zara.

Per usual, Zara did not disappoint. I found at least half a dozen vegan leather jacket styles to choose from, all $100 or less.

I instantly fell in love with this one – the slim cut is super flattering, and the ribbing and zippers make it feel special. It’s also super soft, and isn’t obviously faux leather.

I was sure I’d made the right purchase when one of the celebrity stylists at the event I worked made a point of coming over to me, stroking my sleeve and asking admiringly where I’d found it. Talk about a vote of confidence.

Zara Jacket with Zips, $99 at