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Kristen Berry

Okay. So truthfully, I don’t often lounge on my apartment floor reading fashion magazines in a sweater dress. But if I ever were to do so, this is the dress I’d do it in.

I love this thing. It’s made of a lightweight knit, making it warm and cozy but not overly hot. The body-skimming cut and open left shoulder make it subtly sexy, while the long sleeves and knee-length skirt keep things classy.

You might recognize it from my recent “Workwear in the Time of Athleisure” post. And everything I said is true, it does easily go from the office to a happy hour date. Just last week, I went from an afternoon meeting to dinner and a comedy show with girlfriends in this little number.

On a separate note, the apartment is slowly but surely coming together. Shoutout to the boyfriend for designing and building this amazing (and highly photogenic) bookcase from scratch.

ASOS Knitted Midi Dress With Cold Shoulder Detail in Navy, $46 at

Bright + Cheerful Bathroom Makeover (For Under $200)

Kristen Berry

When I moved from the S.F. Bay Area to L.A. in October, I got rid of a lot of my existing home stuff. It was time for a fresh start.

Of course, decorating an apartment nearly from scratch is quite an undertaking. While the living room and dining room will take months to get just right, smaller rooms, like the bathrooms, are much easier to knock out over the course of a weekend.

I wanted a bright, colorful and cheerful vibe for the master bathroom, and a look that nods to my new Southern California home.

I’ve never purchased home goods from Urban Outfitters before, but while I searched for bathroom decor last weekend, I found myself falling in love with so many of the items available on their site. So much so, that I redecorated my entire master bath with their pieces.

Take this charming bath mat for instance. It’s a light and fun message to see when I get in the shower every morning. It’s also hella soft.

I also love the bold, blue tropical print of this shower curtain. It adds so much color to the simple white room.

The apartment came with standard-issue sliding glass doors, but I simply installed a tension rod in front of the doors to cover it.

When I saw these shiny, copper-colored shower hooks on the Urban Outfitters website, I knew I had to have them. There isn’t one metal finish in the bathroom – the large mirror has an antique gold frame, and the hardware and medicine cabinet are trimmed in silver – and rather than fight it, I decided to embrace the mix.

The curtain hooks also complement the copper-color-trimmed countertop accessories I previously purchased.

I wanted to bring a bit of greenery into the bathroom as well, without making the small space feel too crowded. These small gold-trimmed planters from Umbra were the perfect fit – I hung them above the large mirror, making use of the extra space.

The gorgeous air plants were a steal at only $11 from AirPlantDesignStudio on Esty. The plants arrived beautiful and healthy, with these incredible pink blooms.

This striped rag rug adds a bright, beachy pop of color to the floor beneath the sink.

Tips and a DIY: Fun at the Faire

Kristen Berry

A few weeks ago, Kristen and I traveled to the Alameda Antiques Faire. For those of you that have never been, it's held on the first Sunday of the month, attracting vendors and patrons from all over the Bay Area. We have both been to faires in the past, this was our first time attacking it like professionals.

We were on the road that morning by 6:15, coffee in hand, and spend the 30-minute trip discussing what items we wanted to buy. We had done our homework, consulting antique experts like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere as well as my sister, a vintage veteran. Here's what we learned: Arrive early, know what you're looking for, be kind but firm in negotiations and start from the back. Be sure to dress in comfortable clothes, bring cash and grab a tote bag to hold smaller items. It also helps to have a vehicle large enough to transport furniture discoveries.

Kristen was looking for a table and mirror to build her entryway, and I wanted to find some finishing touches for my newly renovated living room. Call it beginners luck, but we found exactly what we were looking for. I scored pre-mounted antlers to hang above my couch and old picket fence slats to be turned into jewelry holders.

Part one of my renovation was easy: a can of white spray paint and some blue painters tape allowed me to turn the rustic antlers into a unique wall mount (particularly ironic for this vegetarian). Tip: Spray light coats, building upon each with ample drying time in between, to avoid any drip marks. The jewelry holder project is next on my list.

- MK

P.O.C. (Pop of Color)

Kristen Berry

Flipping through the magazines these days or even just walking down the street in recent months has revealed a wonderful fact: the world is alive with color! Fashion, home and beauty designers have truly embraced the Pantone spread and our eyes (not to mention our clothes, nails, shoes, pillows, walls, etc.) are reaping the splendor.

We love a good neutral palette as much as anyone - but we’ve fallen head over heels with the addition of bright accents and pigment-saturated pieces in our everyday lives.

We’ve put together a few easy ways that you can incorporate more color into your life, with the help of Pinterest. And there’s a sliding scale to embracing the rainbow: start small with a bright decorative item in your house or dive into the deep end with a neon blouse. Find what’s right and start seeing the world in 360-degree color!

- MK